Character Profile | Anwar| Jasoosi Duniya | Ibn-e-Safi

Anwar Saeed is a crime reporter in a daily newspaper The Star. Adventurous, obnoxious, disorganized and anti social. Luckily, his suspense stories were the major reason the newspaper sold, so the editors could not fire him either. He knew secrets about many esteeed members of the society – the nobelmen, the police, hotel managers, etc. He often blackmails them, especially senior Inspector Asif. As many would notice, this trait is similar to Ali Imran’s. He is also genius and his ways of reasoning are quite similar to Faridi.

He doesn’t particularly like establishments. He refers to love as stupidity and law practice as ignorance.

He made his first appearance in Heeray Ki Kaan. This novel was followed by four more novels (Tijoari Ka Geet, Aatishee Paranda, Khooni Patthar, and Bhayanak Jazeera) featuring Anwar and Rasheeda alone.

Anwar is always indebted to Rasheeda because of his crazy spending habits – cigarettes, books, and dining out. He also blackmails people – police inspector Asif and others, to pay for his restaurant bills.