Character Profile | Rasheeda | Jasoosi Duniya | Ibn-e-Safi

Rasheeda is Anwar’s colleague and only friend.

Like Anwar, she also makes her first appearance in Heeray Ki Kaan.

She lives in apartment next to Anwar. In Tijori Ka Geet, however, she is shown to be in the same apartment, in a different room.

Rasheeda is a courageous young woman who can fight bravely against the criminals as we see in Tijori Ka Geet. We also discover that she is a mysterious woman, and is not necessarily the harmful journalist that she portrays herself to be.

Anwar and Rasheeda share a love-hate relationship. Rasheeda certainly likes Anwar. Anwar, however, is often bipolar when it comes to his feelings for Rasheeda.

Until later in the series, he does not realize his true feelings for her.

Bhayanak Jazeera, in that sense, is a big revealation. Anwar confesses his love for Rasheeda only after she disappears. Her true identity is also revealed. She is the crown princess of a secret place called “Baron Island”.

PS: Bhayank Jazeera will be reviewed soon.