Character Profile | Tariq | Jasoosi Duniya | Ibn-e-Safi

He’s Arab, a multi lingual and knows the oldest languages. He is mysterious as nobody knows his background, his past or present. Some speculate that he roams around the world treasure-hunting. He lives a luxurious life without any obvious means of income.

His eyes, especially, make him different.  It is revealed in later stories that he uses Sankhya as an intoxicating drug. He is also an expert in hypnosis.

That’s not all, he carries an extra-ordianry mongoose on his shoulder. It is size of a cat, can sense danger and has unmatched smelling power and sense of direction.

Tariq is one bad ass oldie who proved to be a saviour in many future adventures with Faridi, including trip to Tareek Wadi (Zameen Ke Baadal Issue #75).

He first made his appearance in Pur Asrar KuwaaN, as a guest of Nawab Rasheed ZamaN. He was also present in Masnooyi Naak.