Book Review | BELLA & THE NEW GUY| Amy Sparling

Book Description

Roca Springs might be a small, boring Texas town. But it’s my town. I’m about to graduate high school and I plan on spending every second of my summer break at the local motocross track. I need the lowkey vibes of a dirt bike track because my best friend is too stuck on her boyfriend to hang out anymore, and after royally humiliating myself in front of my crush, I have no desire to date any time soon. Dirt bikes are my passion. Not guys.

The last thing I need is for disgraced motocross star Liam Mosely to show up. He was kicked off his professional race team for being a stuck up, cocky, arrogant jerk, and after spending one day with him, I can’t say I disagree.

The guy is trouble.

But he’s also super hot.

Something tells me this summer won’t go according to plan.

Author’s Profile

Amy Sparling is the bestselling author of books for teens and the teens at heart. She lives on the coast of Texas with her family, her spoiled rotten pets, and a huge pile of books. She graduated with a degree in English and has worked at a bookstore, coffee shop, and a fashion boutique. Her fashion skills aren’t the best, but luckily she turned her love of coffee and books into a writing career that means she can work in her pajamas. Her favorite things are coffee, book boyfriends, and Netflix binges.

She’s always loved reading books from R. L. Stine’s Fear Street series, to The Baby Sitter’s Club series by Ann, Martin, and of course, Twilight. She started writing her own books in 2010 and now publishes several books a year.

Plot Summary & Review

What a sweet little romance! I am not a YA reader in general but I craved for a sweet romance and this book is exactly that.

Bella is your stereotypical good girl. She has no boyfriend, she is shy and doesn’t like to change into his biking gear in front of people, and she doesn’t want to upset anyone.

Bella is also a bit different from “normal” girls as she is passionate about riding dirt bikes. This is the passion that also lands her a boyfriend. I would have loved if real life was so sweet and kind and generous.

Liam is the stereotypical guy. He thinks that he is born to rule the motorcross tracks but his anger issues cause him to be kicked out of the team. He wants to redeem himself and his passion also lands him a girlfriend.

This is a very sweet story that sets the  trilogy of Bella and Liam’s love story.

In a few places, Liam comes across as a bit too proud of his talent. It was also predictable in some places. I mean… I could see that Liam will have a history with Brent (Read the book to know who Liam is).

I don’t much care about the motorcross, or any sport, in general. So, that was a bit boring for me.

Apart from that, it was a fun and quick read.

Shabana Mukhtar