Book Review | SUMMER ALONE | Amy Sparling

Book Description

Becca’s senior year of high school is approaching and she’s tired of being the dorky best friend. Determined to reinvent herself with help from Bayleigh, she plans to spend the summer breaking out of her shell. When Bayleigh gets grounded and sent away for three months, Becca’s plans come crashing down before they’ve even started.

Now Becca is alone and can’t even talk to Bayleigh on the phone. Not wanting to miss out on the summer before senior year, she takes a job at the local indoor BMX track. The job is fun, her boss is laid back, and the place is packed with hot guys. One of them just might have a crush on her. This may be a summer without her best friend, but it doesn’t mean she’ll have to spend the summer alone.

Author’s Profile

Amy Sparling is the bestselling author of books for teens and the teens at heart. She lives on the coast of Texas with her family, her spoiled rotten pets, and a huge pile of books. She graduated with a degree in English and has worked at a bookstore, coffee shop, and a fashion boutique. Her fashion skills aren’t the best, but luckily she turned her love of coffee and books into a writing career that means she can work in her pajamas. Her favorite things are coffee, book boyfriends, and Netflix binges.

She’s always loved reading books from R. L. Stine’s Fear Street series, to The Baby Sitter’s Club series by Ann, Martin, and of course, Twilight. She started writing her own books in 2010 and now publishes several books a year.

Plot Summary & Review

Woah, that’s sweet and romantic.

I know… This is just the first part but it was so enjoyable. I’m learning more about writing romance series now 🙂

Amy Sparling sets up for a nice sweet romance in this first of series novella – Summer Unplugged.

Becca, our protagonist is set about to change herself and her reputation this summer. She gets highlights in her hair, and she also lands a job fairly easily. . Her boss is super-nice, so are her colleagues. I wish I had such a perfect life in high school.

Oh, and her job is at a motorcross training track sort of thing. So, I guess Amy writes about motorcross. The previous book also featured motorcross as a  third characters in the story. I am not kidding. Bella and the New Guy is about  Bella, Liam and motorcross.

Her colleague Braedon (I hope I am spelling it right) is very nice and super-caring. I like that in a guy, especially since Braedon is just a young man. People spend their entire lives and still don’t learn how to be nice and respectful to women, and this dude… he knows how to treat women, is all I am saying. I don’t have a crush on him. Are you crazy?

Anywho… So, this story is how Becca let’s go of her inhibition of dating a colleague…

But wait… There’s more…

Before Braedon, Becca also meets and crushes hard on Nolan Park… Park is the real guy, so I am curious to know how and why Becca and Braedon breakup. That’s a bit of alliteration, but that’s not my fault, is it? The author chose to name the characters with B.

So long…

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Apart from that, it was a fun and quick read.

Shabana Mukhtar