Book Review | TAMING ZACH | Amy Sparling

Book Description

She never meant to fall for someone she can’t have. He never meant to let her.

Bree Grayson lives a simple life in her small Tennessee hometown. She works as a maid with her mom and flags at the local motocross track on the weekends. It’s good money but it won’t get her out of Hopewell. She’s determined to make something of herself, but she’d settle for something—anything to get her out of this rut.
Zach Pena’s notorious motocross fame crashed and burned as quickly as he had risen to the top. He let the fame get to his head and the partying and girls took over his life. Now he’s off the race team. Determined to get back into the sport he loves, he moves back home to spend the summer focusing solely on motocross. Girls are off the menu.
And then he runs into Bree.
She’s gorgeous and sweet and everything he shouldn’t have this summer. He doesn’t recognize her as the girl from his childhood, but Bree knows exactly who Zach is. She’s only had a crush on him forever. She knows he’s a womanizer and too hot for his own good, but he’s fun.
Bree doesn’t expect to fall for someone she can’t have. And Zach doesn’t expect to be pulled back into his world of fame before the summer is over. Will Bree finally be the girl to tame his wild ways? Or will their romance crash and burn?

Taming Zach is the first standalone book in The Team Loco Trilogy, a series of flirty, sweet NA contemporary romances. Contains steamy scenes, no cliffhanger, and a happily ever after.

Author’s Profile

Amy Sparling is the bestselling author of books for teens and the teens at heart. She lives on the coast of Texas with her family, her spoiled rotten pets, and a huge pile of books. She graduated with a degree in English and has worked at a bookstore, coffee shop, and a fashion boutique. Her fashion skills aren’t the best, but luckily she turned her love of coffee and books into a writing career that means she can work in her pajamas. Her favorite things are coffee, book boyfriends, and Netflix binges.

She’s always loved reading books from R. L. Stine’s Fear Street series, to The Baby Sitter’s Club series by Ann, Martin, and of course, Twilight. She started writing her own books in 2010 and now publishes several books a year.

Plot Summary & Review

Stop with the dirt bikes already….

Zach is Jett’s teammate. He is kicked out of the team for partying too hard and slacking on the track. He comes back home, falls for a girl Bree who works at the track. And, guess what? She also had a crush on him. Of the four series that I have read by Amy Sparling, this one has the most mature content. So, be warned.

First of all, for some reason I kept picturing Noah Flynn (the kissing booth dude) as Zach Pena, and I don’t like him so that was a major problem as I read this story. Second of all, Bree is just annoying… I mean, I said that for Bayleigh of the Summer Unplugged series, but Bree surpasses Bayleigh. Here’s why. When Zach and Bree get together, in a hotel room, no less, Zach asks her to have a conversation first. But Bree doesn’t listen. She pulls her to bed instead. The next morning, she learns that Zach has to go back. And, very conveniently, she pins all the blame on him. Why? Weren’t you the one who initiated it? Didn’t he offer to talk?

So, so disappointed!

This was a bit slower, or perhaps I had become a bit bored of the whole track stuff. Bree and Zach are good together, though. But I still don’t feel the same connect that I felt with Becca and Braedon.

So long…

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Apart from that, it was a fun and quick read.

Shabana Mukhtar