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Let’s review: Na Deeda Humdard  – 1974

Plot Summary

Na Deeda Humdard starts with a very interesting homely scene. Captain Faiyaz is waiting for Imran; Joseph and Suleiman tolerate his rude comments whilst waiting for Imran to return.

This also reminds us of the previous 5-part series set in French Polynesia, as Faiyaz refers to Imran’s 3 months’ long absence.

Imran does meet Faiyaz, as he does always and realizes that Faiyaz is being threatened by the unknown peeps. Imran, being Imran, accurately guesses who’s in trouble.

Cut to Sardar Gadh, where Safdar is keeping an eye on a girl, by order X2. The plot is fueled by circumstances and Safdar witnesses the first murder on the stage of a hotel. He reports this to Abdul Manan, one of the various aliases of my dear Ali Imran. Who does that over telephone? Of course, the goons spot him, capture him and threaten him.

Just what Imran wanted.

So, what’s the shiz? An unknown poison the leaves residue only in the heart. The civil surgeon Dr Sajjad (Faiyaz’s brother in law) is forced to make fake post mortem reports.

Then, Dr Sajjad commits suicide. There’s a brigadier Sohrab, her daughter Sheherzad (love the name) who is expert of mimicking voices, a magician Professor X and his assistant Rekha Chaudhary.

There’s a long series of a million people getting blackmailed until Imran gets to the man.

But the man kills himself. This is one of those novels. Hate such ending.

Like the one liners.

تھوڑی دیر دونوں احمقوں کے انداز میں چیونگم چباتے رہے۔

تم کوئی کم سن حسینہ تو ہو نہیں۔۔۔

This is one of those novels when Imran isn’t reduced to just a jester. There is a shrewd old man behind his innocent and “beautiful” face.

That is my review of the 73rdd story of Imran Series. What do others feel about this story? Please comment.

Shabana Mukhtar