Book Review | Daana Paani | Umera Ahmed | Episode 3

Let’s review the third episode of Daana Paani by Umera Ahmed. But before that, real quick, check these posts.

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Plot Summary

Motiya’s Dream Comes True, Almost

So, Motiya’s dream almost becomes a reality. She sees a snake approaching Murad just like her dream. Of course, she screams. Gaamu Mashki kills the snake, and everyone is oh so grateful to Motiya. Pir Ibrahim is very respecting and kind to both Motiya and Gaamu Mashki. of course, Tajwar doesn’t like it much.

Not bothering about how Tajwar feels about Motiya or the current scene, Murad keeps staring at Motiya.

Motiya is no different, no she isnt. There is one line in the first scene where Motiya counts the number of steps between her and Murad. I was like: seriously?

But I liked that sentence:

اس کے اور مراد کے درمیان پندرہ قدموں کا فیصلہ تھا، اور اگر بیچ میں نہ ہوتی تو صرف چودہ قدم ہوتے۔ بیچ میں تاجور تھی۔


Yes, so we know Tajwar will come between Murad and Motiya.

Nazarbaaz Saiyaan

Can I call Murad that?

He is truly a nazarbaaz Saiyaan, don’t you think? He has so little character.

Motiya still has some character. She’s prettiest of them all, she’s studying Medicines, she helps the villagers with their illnesses, she sees sachhey khwab. She has some “usage” in life. What does Murad do? Taadta hai, bas. This bothers me.

I mean, ever since he saw Motiya when he was barely old enough to go to school, he is simply drawn to her. He is handsome, I know. He’s rich, alright. I would also admit that he is kind (when it comes to Motiya and her family, ahem). I haven’t seen him being kind to anyone else so far.

There is one thing he does in abundance–gawking at Motiya as if his life depended on it. Rolling my eyes so hard.



All said and done, I’m intrigued to read the next episode.


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