Book Review | Daana Paani | Umera Ahmed | Episode 4

Let’s review the fourth episode of Daana Paani by Umera Ahmed. But before that, real quick, check these posts.

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Plot Summary

Murad vs Tajwar


Murad wants to marry Motiya and Tajwar wants Murad to marry her niece Maah Noor.

This mother-son duo is as arrogant as could be. Neither is willing to back down from their stance. This battle of egos is on. Murad refuses to eat food, Tajwar threatens to eat poison if Murad marries Motiya, Murad threatens to kill himself if forced to marry Maah Noor. A battle of egos and threats, I tell you.


Chaudhary Shujaa’s Game Plan

Shujaa asks Parvez to send his son Saeed’s proposal for Motiya. Batool is mighty pissed. Murad and Motiya’s love story is affecting many lives now.

Parvez brings Saeed’s proposal for Motiya. Long story short, Motiya is feeling guilty for ruining her parents’s name.


Gaamu Mashki is unwell so Motiya goes on to fetch water from the well. Murad meets her there and they have a nice “talk”.


Shakooran and Batool are confronting Tajwar about this sudden change of event despite knowing that Batool and Saeed have liked each other since forever. While Tajwar still hadn’t replied satisfactorily, she sees Motiya coming into the haveli. Ladies and Gentlemen! Get ready for a big face-off.


Daana Paani talk, Tajwar slaps Motiya.


Gaamu meets Shujaa and seeks the “sila” for saving Murad’s life once.


And guess what? Chaudhary Shujaa has to agree just so people wouldn’t lose their trust on the Chaudhary family (that, and that he always sided with Murad for his wish to marry Motiya).


Tajwar doesn’t like it, of course. But now, it doesn’t matter.


On to the next episode.


There is one thing that I admire about Umera–her stories are fast-paced. Also, she packs a punch in one or two sentences instead of going on-and-on-and-on for several pages. There were some instances in this episode where I thought, oh, this line feels like a “khulasa” but that is also so effective. Since I’m also reading Nemrah Ahmed’a Maala which is like ~100 pages every episode, Daana Paani with <40 pages feels like a breeze of fresh air.

I’m intrigued to read the next episode. And then the next, and the next. You get the drift, right?


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Shabana Mukhtar