Book Review | Daana Paani | Umera Ahmed | Episode 5

Let’s review the fifth episode of Daana Paani by Umera Ahmed. But before that, real quick, check these posts.

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Before We Begin

Before I narrate the plot summary, I have to say something:

Kuch zyada hi fast nahin chal rahi story?

With that, let’s dive into the quick recap of episode 5.

Plot Summary

So, many people are trying to make the fate turn into their favour.

  • Murad and Motiya want to marry each other,
  • Allah Wasaii and Gaamu Mashki are in favour;
  • Chaudhary Shujaa and Pir Ibrahim are neutral, bordering on pro-marriage;
  • Tajwar is alone on her side who vehemently refuses the alliance between Murad and Motiya.

As for Batool, Murad and Motiya’s marriage works in her favour, but sadly she seeks help from Tajwar.

This is just what Tajwar needs. She asks Batool to do a heinous act of betrayal. And, thinking of her future with Saeed, Batool agrees. Ouch!


Pir Ibrahim is happy to hear that Chaudhary Shujaa has agreed to marry Murad and Motiya. However, he senses that something ought to go wrong. He even advises Murad to never mistrust or doubt Motiya. Foreshadowing!!!


Long story short, Tajwar has done everything she could to stage a seemingly inappropriate intimacy between Motiya and Saeed.

The episode ends as Murad is about to take revenge.


Will she die? I don’t think so. The daana Paani swap that Motiya propheced about, is yet to happen. But boy this is exciting. Now this is what I call a cliffhanger.


Like I said, this episode was too fast and too many things happened at once. I never expected that something would happen to Motiya. But then, I had forgotten Motiya’s dream: the snake has bit Motiya.

All said and done, I’m intrigued to read the third episode.


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Shabana Mukhtar