Book Review | Daana Paani | Umera Ahmed | Episode 6

Umera Ahmed is back with another story. Umera’s last outing was Alif–A memorable novel and a remarkable drama. So, I’m excited to read this one.

Plot Summary

So, the fifth episode of Daana Paani ended as Murad held his rifle to Motiya’s throat. The readers hold their breaths and wait for Murad to pull the trigger.


But he doesn’t.


Why? Because he’s just too much in love with Motiya.


Ja, Maine tujhe apne dil se utaar diya. Murad tells Motiya.


Motiya comes back home. She doesn’t question why Saeed and Batool were missing? why her bangles were there? Why her dupatta was still there? She is in denial. Until she meets Batool. Batool lies through her teeth and tells Motiya that things are alright. To our shock, Motiya trusts Batool.



After Murad’s clear words?


Motiya, who was shown to be quite a reasonable girl, doesn’t take Murad’s words seriously. She still thinks that Murad will bring baraat. She’s getting ready for her wedding.


On the other hand, Saeed and Batool are all set to tie the knot.



Tajwar is happy that Murad has clearly refused to marry Motiya and has relented to marry Mahnoor. But she still wants more, and she has a certain plan in mind.


The problem is, she sees the real problem with her plan right when the plan is under execution. What that is? You must read the episode to find out. But it clears one thing. Tajwar is pure evil, and even reading such characters make me cringe to the core.



Motiya is annoyingly silly and Murad is freakishly unreliable. I don’t like this couple at all, and I don’t even relate to them. They are so out of the world.

I also dislike them because their love for each other feels unnatural. It is so intense that I can’t wrap my head around it. Itna deewana war ishq bas Allah se hota hai. Interestingly, this episode clarified that it was intentional.

All said and done, the end of the episode just kept me wanting more. I’m so waiting for the seventh episode.


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Shabana Mukhtar