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So, episode 7 is here. For a refresher course, check old episodes. Let’s quickly cover the ground.

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Plot Summary

This episode was fun in a lot of ways. first of all, I learned from my sister that the episode has been uploaded. I didn’t have to visit nimra Ahmed official over and over again. second of all, my sister had not read the episode just yet so I had the privilege to spoil the story for her. You have no idea how fun that is. If you want to understand how it feels when someone is the story for you go ahead and read this spoiler filled review. You have been warned.

So, Hoor-e-Jahan passes away, Maahi gives birth to a baby girl Hoor-e-Ain, and Mahir meets with a deadly accident.

There, that’s all the spoilers together. If you can unread it, unlearn it, unsee it, go head and do it.


This episode again focuses on the same lesson that have been part of previous episodes. That black magic is a reality, that we can protect ourselves by reciting the wazaifs, and that whatever Allah has written will happen. This time, Nemrah takes the philosophy of Fate and applies it to the multiple narratives at once. Even though it’s a repeat of things we have already read in the previous episodes, or of things we may have heard on other channels, it does help. A reminder always helps, because as humans we tend to forget things that we must remember. One should recite mauztain to guard oneself against all evil, we all know it, but do we act on it daily? Not necessarily, and that’s why such reminders are needed.

The whole explanation of black magic in earlier episodes reminded me of Raja Zia ul Haq’s talk on the same topic, literally felt like an Urdu translation of the talk. Also, Mufti Tariq Masood repeatedly talks about protecting against the magic.


I like how Nemrah weaves the lessons of Islam into her fiction, and how she makes her stories relatable. In this episode, she mentioned how people are crazy about designer wears, and Instagram hashtags, and becoming viral on social media, how dances and performances are part of the wedding these days. I also like the whole “burping the baby” frustration. My sister is home with her 2.5 months old baby, and I see that frustration every day. #relatable

The story was gripping as usual, and towards the end, the accident leaves us worried about Mahir. A tiny part of me is hopeful that it isn’t Mahir who is wounded but then…


Let me know how you felt about this episode. You can comment, or email me.


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