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So, episode 9 is here. For a refresher course, check old episodes. Let’s quickly cover the ground.

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Non-review Rant

Maala’s next episode is live since past four days, and I had no clue. BaRi zyadti hai yeh toh.

I had asked my sis to inform me when the nes episode drops but… I will deal with her later.

She has been nagging me to check out Nemrah’s Instagram but I’m not a fan of Instagram, so I kept procrastinating (read: refusing). This morning as I began my day, after a cup of tea, I spent a few minutes checking out Nemrah’s office.


Bahot aala!

I couldn’t ponder over it much, as I had a long list of to-do items, and my team was waiting for me.

Later that afternoon, I spent the next few minutes pondering if I had an office like this, what would I do?

I would probably go there, and sit in there, doing absolutely NOTHING… except maybe just looking around admiring the surrounding… And perhaps fretting over the biggest issue at hand: this office needs some serious housekeeping to keep it spotless. Who would do that?

Of course, I would worry over such petty issues. I am sure Nemrah has very capable team to handle that for her. May Allah bless her with more. Amen!

This is my response to all the fine desks and work tables that people share on Instagram. I sit cross-legged on a bare floor and slouch to get my work done. My choices are weird, just like me.

PS: My photography skills suck. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a -50.

Alright, so let’s get to the ninth episode of Maala.

Plot Summary

Most of this episode focussed on Maala preparing for her upcoming wedding with Ziyad. And it ended on such a cliffhanger that it made restless for a few hours.

Anywho, I won’t do a detailed plot summary here. My review would cover the events of Maala episode 9.


Shallow Egos

I like how Nemrah present things repeatedly, each time in a different scenario. This hammers the lesson into our silly heads.

  1. Maala tells Safoora not to yell at the waiter who spilled a beverage on Maala. “Don’t have him fired over your shallow ego,” Maala tells Safoora.
  2. In Istanbul, we see Malik telling Zara to not fire the office-boy over her “shallow ego”. Deja vu.
  3. And a flashback tells us how exactly Maala ran into Malik. It is her ideology–don’t fire people over shallow egos.

Keep your shallow egos at bay, people!


Old Ties

We also learn that Maala and Malik know “of” each other already. Maala also knows of Birbal from the same time.

Birbal and Malik were in Lahore and met Maala in the same trip. This duo has a special bond, I must say. I like how Maalik is shown to be a softie at heart and a robot otherwise. He had recommended Birbal’s bakery to his friend. However, when Birbal sends pics of the successful birthday party, Malik’s reply is enough to wash out all of Birbal’s excitement.

Not that Birbal ever cares.

“Jal gaya robot!” Birbal says.

That was my favourite line from this episode. It feels so good to do something on purpose and then say: “jal gaya/gayi”. Try it. Maza na aaye toh paise wapas.


Red Flags

Even though Maala is getting ready for a new phase in life, she is still unsure if her decision is right. To make things worse, Mahi’s mother-in-law who is also Maala’s aunt, tells Maala that Hoor-e-Jahan never really liked Nageena.  Maala ignores these protests and suggestions of finding a “better man” than Ziyad. Even though she sees Ziyad in a way that she would have never imagined.

I like that Nemrah doesn’t always spell things out for her readers. While Mahir is explaining the “nuances” of Sehr-e-Ishq to Birbal, we see how exactly things are going wrong for Ziyad, the guy who has opted for Sehr-e-Ishq. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know what people are thinking about.

But Shabana, Ziyad and Maala DID get married. What’s the point?

It’s not going to work out. We all know that. How, when, where-Nemrah knows better. The point I’m trying to make is, Mahir tells that the satan would do his bits as part of Sehr-e-Ishq, something that the client/Ziyad would never think of. In this scene, Maala sees Ziyad as a wolf (I don’t recall which animal), but that alarms her. She hasn’t paid heed to that alarm, but she will.


Quest to find Hilal

Mahir has joined office already, and his team is excited to see him… As is Zara, but she is also miffed with our dear hero. Mahir is taken aback by Zara’s strange behaviour.

“Akele reh jaoge,” she says.

And that’s when it hits Mahir: Zara toh “ishq mein tere ishq ne kar diya mujhe bey-khabar” wala scene hai. He still doesn’t stop from his plan.

What’s his plan? Mahir has almost figured out a way to reach Hilal. He comes to Pakistan to meet a certain someone whose name starts with “K”, with Birbal in tow as his “caretaker nurse”.


The meeting with that “someone” goes well. I won’t spoil the story for you.

Long story short, Maala and Ziyad are now married, and there is a major event that puts Mahir’s search for Hilal at rest.

This review has more to come. I just want this to go live today. I have been procrastinating for the past three days.


Let me know how you felt about this episode. You can comment down below, or email me if you’re very shy kinda person.


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