Book Review | SHADI KA HANGAMA | Jasoosi Duniya #74 | Ibn-e-Safi

hadi ka HaNgaama (شادی کا ہنگامہ) (The Racket of the Wedding) – 1958

This story was the closest it came to one of Faridi and Hameed getting married. As a young kid, that’s what I wanted to see–seeing them tie the knot. I mean… After reading a few novels, it was evident that they were both good lookin’, and that women always drooled over Faridi.

Okay, let’s get to the plot summary. Two women, one elderly around 45-ish, and younger one aroun 18 seek help from Faridi on some urgent matters. Whilsts the older woman is talking to Faridi, the younger one is talking to Hameed. One thing leads to the other, and next thing we know Hameed is chasing a taxi on his motorbike.

Us, readers, are gawking at the pages, thinking–ab kya hoga???

Now, that’s how you pull in the reader. 



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PS: Review based on vague memories. If you think I have misquoted anything, write the review and share the link. Peace out!

Shabana Mukhtar