Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 17

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This is roughly 87-92 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 87)

This episode begins as Ipek and Ali are arguing over nothing and Nisan is enjoying the affection buried under all the arguments. This cute setup is disturbed by a sick child.
The two brooding men Sinan and Berzan discuss how their love interests are no giving them the attention they seek. Ayla talks to the chairman to get a vacation, to be away from the hospital. Too much, too fast. She’s a bit too feisty. Isn’t she?

Sinan plans to woo Nisan but first a bunch of kids come around then a terminally ill patient. He finally asks her out pretending to need her help. Ayla also agrees to talk to Berzan one last time. Proposals?

Let’s hope.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 88)

Ansuman tries to convince Yildiz that she shouldn’t break up with Melik.

Sinan takes Nisan to a cruise where he has setup a lovely dinner. But Nisan heard his plan and decides to be upset with him, unnecessarily. But it is still funny and cute.

Berzan’s date with Ayla isn’t going well either. She walks out before he could propose.
Too boring and saddening, right? Abidin comes with his green hair. He bickers with Sinan as though they are a couple. This boy is so funny!

The episode ends as Sinan reminisces all the cute moments with Nisan.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 89)

Sinan takes the toughest step to woo Nisan – he seeks help from Abidin. Shall we assume this is heading for another disaster? Sinan looks cute in that red shirt.

As first step of his plan, Abidin flirts with all the nurses. He then choreographs a dance.
Remember goon man Kinan? He is being taken to the prison when his aides attack the van, kill the police officers and take Kinan back. He is now packing a bag with everything that can be used to kill someone. Nisan, watch out, sistah!

Sinan hates the performance that Abidin has prepared for; Nisan doesn’t attend the event and Sinan loses his temper. Nisan declares that everything is over. Ayla says the same to Berzan.

Is it? Is it eally over? This drama is stretching unnecessarily. Ain’t happy!


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 90)

Sinan comes up with another plan and Abidin is put to work, again. He sees Ayla packing her bags and discussing her plans about leaving.

Melik and Yildiz resolve their differences thanks to Ansuman’s meddling.
As it turns out, Sinan is seeking help from Kinan. Whatever the hell is their relation, we still don’t know. Kinan has plans to kill Sinan. Yeah, right. We all know he ain’t gonna die.

Nisan gets a note and willy nilly gets into a waiting car, with Kinan. But she arrives safely at a hotel and meets Abidin. Huh? Strange, that!

Sinan has recreated the party when he first fell in love with Nisan. Bravo! I didn’t see that coming. But, still, what’s Kinan’s angle.

Berzan knows about Ayla and decides to chase her in Ipek’s red car with fluffy pink stuff all around. Will he be able to get to her in time? We will find out in next episode.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 91)

Berzan buys a bouquet (worth 200, ah the generosity) and chases the bus which has taken Ayla towards the airport. She yells at him, again, but then…

Sinan is about to propose Nisan, happy with Abidin for the first time. Nisan heads to the washroom and guess who’s waiting for her? Goon man Kinan. This time she doesn’t have her phone. But our girl is smart, even though she’s annoying. She leaves her mask behind near the loo.

Sinan sees Kinan holding a gun to him. He has chained Nisan. What’s his story? Kinan believes that Nisan has killed his fiancé. The truth? His violence had killed his fiancé. Anyway.

Kinan throws her with heavy weights tied to her, so Sinan cannot help her from drowning.

Alright, at least some progress has happened. I am tired of Kinan’s angle. Be done with it already.

Shabana Mukhtar