Acil Aşk Aranıyor | Emergency Love | Episode 18

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This is roughly 92-97 of Urdu dubbed Emergency Pyar. This also marks another season of sorts because a LOT has changed.


(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 92)

Sinan and Nisan are getting married. Before Sinan could say yes, Sinan’s mother barges in. By the way, Ayla isn’t with Berzan. Whatever happened to them?

This is yet another montage of all their moments together. There is a time leap. Nisan’s voiceover tells us that Sinan saved him, proposed him and now his mother is objecting to the marriage. Was that a dream or just her imagination?

  • What happened to Kinan?
  • Where are Ayla and Berzan?
  • Why is Abidin working as a security guard at the hospital?

Argh, very confused about this episode.

The next scene shows Nisan and Sinan fighting because Sinan hasn’t told his mother about Nisan.

New characters are introduced in the episode, even though the plots about old characters isn’t clear.

  • Sinan’s mother
    Nisan’s friend Zeynep
    Another broke doctor Uzair

Let’s see if next episode clears my questions.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 93)

Nisan and Sinan both have to deal with their friends. Sinan’s mother is a privileged woman and treat people like nothings, as we can judge from her conversation with Ayla and vegetables vendor.

Nisan has joined a baking class and when she’s talking her cyan blue cake the class, it slips, conveniently landing on Sinan’s mother’s face.

Uzair is a flirt and he calls all ex-girlfriends but all have married. Another new doctor, Dr Mehtab also knows Uzair. Mehtab’s roommate is Zeynep. See how all the characters are interrelated? I need to learn this trick.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 94)

Nisan needs groceries and Sinan’s mother also needs “nutrients”. So they run into each other at the grocery store. The clumsy queen Nisan moves something on the shelf, things fall on both sides and Sinan’s mother’s nose is almost broken.

Zeynep’s dresses… A bit much, no? Zeynep spoils a wedding, weeps, and tells her story, all in a matter of seconds. Huh?

I think this is season 2. Because the plot has simply jumped, forgetting about old characters and randomly introducing new characters without enough exposition.

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 95)

Zeynep is ranting as Nisan and she return from the wedding. The taxi driver seeks advice about his back pain but Zeynep snaps at him. Too upset, she decides to stop by at her house whilst Nisan would talk to Sinan.

Uzair is asking women over at Zeynep’s house. And, of course, we can tell what is about to happen. Zeynep walks in on Uzair and Fiza. Just to stay under the same roof, Uzair lies about being gay. What?

Sinan yells at Nisan again and Nisan step out of the hospital, into the heavy downpour where she bares her soul and admits that she wants to spend her life with Nisan. And, they kiss. Awnnn!

Nisan prepares a nice breakfast for Sinan, drops the butter on the stairs and keeps walking. Who will slip on that butter?

(Emergency Love Urdu Episode 96)

Nisan forgets the butter on the stairs to get her car out of the way. That is a recurring theme in this drama. How many times is she going to park irresponsibly? Abidin suspects that Sinan and Nisan are fighting. How cute is he when he praises his handsomeness. Ah, Abidin!

Nisan eats the whole breakfast, by herself. Breakfast for two – alone. Petuuuu ladki! But the questions remain. What is Sinan hiding? Who did he meet early in the morning? Who was he talking to about liking Ali?

Zeynep and Uzair are off to a shaky roommate arrangement. Uzair lures her by promising to take care of all household chores. Despite finding an almost perfect candidate for roommate, Zeynep rejects her. Why? because Uzair…

Who slips on the butter? Sinan’s mother, no prizes for guessing.

Shabana Mukhtar