Ask Laftan Anlamaz | Episode 3

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 6

Hayat helps Duruk to get rid of his chipku friend, argues with Didem and irks Murat. When Murat tries to tell her to behave, she talks back and resigns.

To make things worse, Hayat’s mother and aunt Fadik visit her office.

Tuval is suspicious about Hayat’s truth but keeps it to herself. Hayat still doesn’t tell her and makes shit load of shit stories about her mother.

Eventually,  after talking to Necat, when the differences are irreconcilable, Hayat quits. She goes out, sits in front of the office and weeps. Murat cannot help but watch her from the window.

Duruk clears the misunderstanding later. Will Murat bring Hayat back?

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 7

Resigned from job, Hayat is missing Murat and her friends vow to play Cupid.

Tuval always acts like a flirt. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be funny. Not for me, at least.

Hayat brings the red dress and bickers with Murat again. When will Murat ask her  to come back?

Murat is restless about firing her but Tuval tells Murat about Hayat and Didem’s lies, he tells Didem to be out of his hair after the contract is over. Kerim the driver and old confidante suggests that Murat should apologize to Hayat. He does, while hayat is out in the forest to talk to Suna. Oh-so-romantic.

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 8

Ipek’s car breaks down and Kerim and Murat arrive at the spot. Murat leaves Kerim to help Ipek and finds Hayat. The apologizing scene is cute. He offers her the job back. And she accepts. Why wouldn’t she?

Kerem has stalked Ipek and finds everything about her how many accidents and tickets she has. Stalking will never be out of fashion, no? I mean, who would find that charming?

Things are going well but Murat has another meeting with Arabs on a yacht so Suna cannot help her for translation. Thankfully, the meeting is cancelled and to calm an ever-enraged Murat, Hayat suggests they have a good time so he can do something outside of work.

They do have a “good time” as do the viewers as we see a cute and very long montage of their outing together – very interesting and romantic. She falls in the sea and charming Murat saves her life.

Cute, right? But she lost the game and Murat asks her: what’s the biggest lie you have told? Why would she tell you? She is hiding the truth with everything she’s got. But… Saved by the bell… She gets a call from panicked Suna. “Didem is here.”


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