Ask Laftan Anlamaz | Episode 6

This review covers full Bolum 6 of Ask Laftan Anlamaz. If you’re watching Urdu dubbed version, the sub-headings will help you navigate through corresponding episode. I am a genius, aren’t I?

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 15

Murat heads to find Chang, Kerem and Doruk in tow.  Doruk also tells what Chang did to Hayat. The fight is thrilling. Three heroes against four players, nice! Broken guys come to the hospitals where the girls are conveniently together. One each, they sit with their better half. Bhai waah!

From hospital to police station, whatta journey. The girls come there and the matter blows out  of proportion and the men land up in jail. The swag when they step out of prison, omg! Murat knows why Chang did what he did and he fires Didem.

Murat takes Hayat out for lunch and she learns that Didem is fired because of her. Say what! So now things are crystal clear. Will either of them confess their feelings? We will find out in next episode.

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 16

Doruk and Murat get a good scolding from Necat and both obediently promise to behave in future. Azime also hears about a certain girl so she comes to Sarte.

Murat takes Hayat to Izmer. Tuval helps Hayat with money (to save Ipek’s car) and in turn asks Hayat to model for her. Azime sees her in a bridal dress, no less.

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan| Episode 17

Ipek gathers the money for her father who selfishly takes all the money and still talks shit. She takes her anger out on Kerem.

Didem knows how Hayat feels for Murat so she switches off the meter and Hayat gets stuck in the elevator, alone.

Nothing happens to her, of course because Murat arrives in time – her knight in shining armour. She spends the night at his house and makes breakfast for her. They look so good together.

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