Ask Laftan Anlamaz | Episode 9

Let’s review Bolum 9 of this fabulous rom-com. I have broken it down as per Urdu episodes. If you’ve watched Urdu dubbed Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan, that is. 

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Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 25

Ipek and Asli cannot let Hayat leave alone. So they ask Kerem to drive her. Murat is so upset that he recalls everything about that night – the night he Hayat with spent. He isn’t alone, now, is he? Hayat tells him that she knows he loves her. Murat agrees but also says that it’s over. OVER!!!

Both are devastated and Hayat takes off alone.


Kerem is worried sick. A stranger saves her life but his dog doesn’t leave her alone. She arrives safe and sound and vents her frustration on Emine. Next morning, the mother daughter scene is very emotional.

Where the hell did Kerem go? He’s still searching for Hayat. For no fault of his, Ipek gets mad at him. Poor man!

Back home, Azime meets Murat and he breaks down like a baby. Next morning Didem comes unannounced and Azime is savage, especially when she deals with women like Didem and Derya. Like her.

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 26


Question: who wears crop top and shorts to work? It looked like a night suit, no? I am no stylist but… Just saying.

Doruk arrives at the hospital and fakes to be seriously ill just to tease Asli. They look cute together, don’t they? So do Ipek and Kerem. Ipek meets her father to borrow some money, he slaps her and Kerem watches the whole episode.

Murat has decided that the marriage is only for formality and he has no place for Didem in his life or his house. Hayat is being extra nice to Murat and Didem. Fake bravery, but interesting.

Tuval has marked her area at office so Didem cannot enter her section. What a drama queen she is!

Hayat and Murat bicker again, and Murat therefore asks Cagla to attend a promotion party. Tuval sends Hayat as Doruk’s date. More drama to unfold, cannot wait. Off to watch the next episode.

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 27

Hayat looks gorgeous as she arrives at the venue with Doruk, representing Sarte (because there weren’t enough people already).


One of the guest flirts with her, asks she for dance and Murat gets jealous AF. He drags her away and calls himself “masoom and shareef” 😀


Murat is still angry and he takes it out on Tuval. She leaves, Doruk follows her and Hayat and Murat end up leaving together. Golden opportunity to bicker again. Love their rants.


Murat swims to calm himself down. Tuval arrives to his places and yells at him. What fun! They apologize to each other and things are normal. I love how their friendship is depicted. Unadulterated and free of ego.

Remember the dude who once saved Hayat’s life? He runs into her again.

Hayat gets a modelling offer from a rival company but Hayat chooses to stay and even help Didem with wedding preps. Strong, huh?

We will how long her fake bravado lasts.

Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 28

Hayat is hiding behind the dresses and cursing herself. Why? Because she has volunteered to help Didem plan the wedding. Seizing the opportunity, Didem tortures her for fabric selection so Hayat asks Murat.

Her bravado irks Murat so guess what? They fight, again. That little kid who’s watchman’s forces them to kiss. Bhai waah!


The girls learn through Doruk that Murat is marrying Didem by force. They also have money (which Kerem has sent through Ipek’s father) so Hayat can return the advance salary and leave the job. But how will she meet Murat, then?

On the other hand, Necat tells Murat that he doesn’t marry Derya but had to marry her because of Doruk. Hmmm, interesting!

That saviour dude is Ibrahim – Fadik’s nephew. He’s a doctor, no less, and so cute and handsome.


I wonder what’s his role in the entire scheme of things because we have so many characters and so many tracks. It gets confusing sometimes.

Off to next episode.

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