Dastak Mere Dil Pe | Season 1 | Episode 21

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Dastak Mere Dil Pe Episode 21 Written Review & Update

So, Eda asked Serkan about the August 19 mystery and Serkan confides about his brother and that he plays guitar on this day to remember his brother. Emotional scene!

Serkan and Eda fall asleep on the house sofa. Serkan has sweet flashbacks about Eda. Then his watch beeps cause his heart rate is high. That scene was so funny! That watch just wouldn’t shut up. Serkan had to remove it from his wrist. So funny.

The diva (Sajda or Seyda, I didn’t get her name) comes to house and starts whining about everything, EVERYTHING.

“It’s not exactly what I asked for. The concert is off,” she said.

Eda can’t take this. She and her team has worked non-stop for 24 hours, and this diva has attitude that needs fixing. She goes after Seyda and lashes at her. Others can’t interrupt as she has locked the door from outside. Long story short, Seyda changes her mind and is ready for a concert. Fikret is thankful to Serkan but mostly to Eda for doing the impossible!

Eda and Eyden are bonding. After massaging away a headache, Eda leads Eydan outside the gates for the first time. She had noticed earlier that Eyden is scared of going out for some reason. This scene was so beautifully written and executed, I wept like a baby. I loved Seyfi’s reaction when he saw Eda brining Eyden back into the house. Even more emotional was the scene where Seyfi showed the video to Eyden. If this doesn’t change Eyden’s opinion of Eda, I don’t know what will.


Eda has done the impossible, so she convinces Serkan to play guitar for her. Afterwards, they embrace, a silent confirmation that he can trust his inner secrets with her. Selin watches from a distance and we can see that she’s hurt. She thought only she was Serkan’s confidant, but things are changing now. 

This episode was so great. Great writing and nice execution. I liked it. 


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