Dastak Mere Dil Pe | Season 1 | Episode 37


Before We Begin 

I have been meaning to watch Sen Çal Kapımı for almost a year. The problem is, I found a website which had listed all key events and the detailed article spoiled it for me. I mean, this drama goes through some pretty bizarre twists and turns. Besides, this drama has two seasons. It is never a good idea. I watched Emergency Pyar, and they could not maintain the contniuity of the two seasons.  All I’m saying is, I have my apprehensions about this dizi.

But then, last week, I saw a few Urdu dubbed episodes of the drama, and I thought–why not?

Alright, with the basics established, let get to the episode.

Dastak Mere Dil Pe Episode 37 Written Review & Update


Selin tells Serkan that she would leave Ferit if there’s hope for them. Instead of speaking how he feels, Serkan says nothing. Instead, he shows his affection towards Eda. I think he has realized that he has feelings for Eda. Just saying…

Engin comes to meet Ceren. She doesn’t want Engin to know that she is the daughter of the CEO. She tries to send Engin back but Engin stays to have coffee. Ceren ends up telling many lies just to cover up how rich she is. It was strange but funny.

Serkan likes Eda for sure. What is holding him back? That Eda tries to push Serkan away. We see another scene A scene B situation as Eda talks to Ceren while Serkan talks to Engin, both duo discuss if they are in love.

They are, so much in love.

Serkan comes to pick up Eda. Eda is expecting this so she’s well dressed. When she steps out, Serkan’s watch beeps. Funny…

I’m taking to a special place…

I can’t wait to see what that place is.



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