Dastak Mere Dil Pe | Season 1 | Episode 41

Before We Begin 

I have been meaning to watch Sen Çal Kapımı for almost a year. The problem is, I found a website which had listed all key events and the detailed article spoiled it for me. I mean, this drama goes through some pretty bizarre twists and turns. Besides, this drama has two seasons. It is never a good idea. I watched Emergency Pyar, and they could not maintain the contniuity of the two seasons.  All I’m saying is, I have my apprehensions about this dizi.

But then, last week, I saw a few Urdu dubbed episodes of the drama, and I thought–why not?

Alright, with the basics established, let get to know the cast and characters.

Dastak Mere Dil Pe Episode 41 Written Review & Update

The episode begins with Serkan confessing his love to Eda.

 “Don’t go. I’ve fallen madly in love with you. 

“Well, you didn’t slap me. How do  you feel about me?” Serkan asks. 

 “You say what you want in a crisis and expect me to answer immediately. All in good time.” Eda teasingly replies.

 Romantic, and a great line from Eda!


Serkan drives Eda back home.

Eda: “So how do you feel about Selin?” 

Serkan: “Since you’ve been here, there’s only you.” cute and sweet!


Selin comes home after being stood up by Serkan. Ferit is miffed, needless to say.

Ferit: “Do you really want to marry me?”

 Selin: “I’m not leaving you.”


 Serkan and Eda got out for a walk. Serkan tells her history of old mansion, then have coffee at cafe. It shows how much they have in common. Lovely!


Selin sees them romancing with each other. Selin also tells Piril about the fake engagement. Oopsy! 


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