Dastak Mere Dil Pe | Season 1 | Episode 43

Before We Begin 

I have been meaning to watch Sen Çal Kapımı for almost a year. The problem is, I found a website which had listed all key events and the detailed article spoiled it for me. I mean, this drama goes through some pretty bizarre twists and turns. Besides, this drama has two seasons. It is never a good idea. I watched Emergency Pyar, and they could not maintain the contniuity of the two seasons.  All I’m saying is, I have my apprehensions about this dizi.

But then, last week, I saw a few Urdu dubbed episodes of the drama, and I thought–why not?

Alright, with the basics established, let get to know the cast and characters.

Dastak Mere Dil Pe Episode 43 Written Review & Update



Serkan can’t stay without Eda. He looks to excuses to talk to Eda. Sweet moments.

As usual, Selin interrupts them. She brings the news that Ertikan is partnering with the Australian firm, the same one that Serkan had refused. Selin also tells that she’s resigning from the PR post.

Ceren comes to see Piril, to talk about something important.

Piril: don’t talk about Engin
Ceren: Engin loves you

The two hit it off quite well and then hug each other. Engin is shocked to see this. So funny.

Ferit reminds Selin about the family dinner. Selin promises to be there on time. Later, though, Selin lies as usual. She tells Ferit that she’s at office even though Ferit can see her from a distance. This marriage is headed towards a disaster.

Selin and Serkan meet at their secret meeting place.

I can leave Ferit for you, Selin tells.

Ferit overhears. He gets sick. Ceren is passing by; she takes Ferit to the hospital.
Selin refused to work with Serkan just for Ferit, but Ferit doesn’t hear Let this be the last nail in the coffin, of the Ferit -Selin relationship. And, let this be the ne beginning: of Ceren and Ferit

Ceren was on fire in today’s episode, helping everyone. First Piril, then Serkan, then Ferit… By the way, Serkan has asked to donate the compensation (of patent theft). She has promised to keep this a secret from Eda. I am sure Eda would think that something is cooking between Serkan and Ceren and she will fight about this later.

So long!


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