Dastak Mere Dil Pe | Season 1 | Episode 45

Before We Begin 

I have been meaning to watch Sen Çal Kapımı for almost a year. The problem is, I found a website which had listed all key events and the detailed article spoiled it for me. I mean, this drama goes through some pretty bizarre twists and turns. Besides, this drama has two seasons. It is never a good idea. I watched Emergency Pyar, and they could not maintain the contniuity of the two seasons.  All I’m saying is, I have my apprehensions about this dizi.

But then, last week, I saw a few Urdu dubbed episodes of the drama, and I thought–why not?

Alright, with the basics established, let get to know the cast and characters.

Dastak Mere Dil Pe Episode 45 Written Review & Update

Hello everyone, so I’m back with a review of the 45th episode of “Dastak Mere Dil Pe”, the Turkish series dubbed in Hindi/Urdu.

The episode starts with Selin coming to see Serkan. It’s the first time we see her after Ferit walked out of the marriage leaving her on the altar.

She guiltily told Serkan that she has sold all but 5% of her shares in her attempt to stay away from him. Selin has always had feelings for Serkan but he doesn’t reciprocate them. Despite this, Selin and Serkan share a strong bond of friendship, which is evident in this episode.

In the next scene, Ertikan starts to tell Serkan about his connection with Eda (his firm’s cottage caused the girl to lose her family) but has a heart attack before he can reveal the whole truth. Ertikan and Serkan’s characters has always been at a distance, but this episode finally showed us that Serkan cared for his father after all.

Ertikan is then shown in the hospital bed, telling Serkan that the holding company is now his, and apologizing for leading him to believe that he loved his brother more than him. This was a touching moment that showcased the complex relationship between Ertikan and Serkan.

However, the episode was hinting on a large doze of jealousy coming our way, which I found disappointing. Eda is in a relationship with Serkan, we get it. But she feels jealous of Selin’s presence in the hospital. I mean… While jealousy is a common emotion, it felt like a tired plot device that would slow the otherwise great rom-com .

In conclusion, the 45th episode of “Dastak Mere Dil Pe” had some strong moments, including the touching scene between Ertikan and Serkan. I hope that the show’s writers can keep the storyline fresh and engaging as the series continues.



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