Dastak Mere Dil Pe | Season 1 | Episode 46

Before We Begin 

I have been meaning to watch Sen Çal Kapımı for almost a year. The problem is, I found a website which had listed all key events and the detailed article spoiled it for me. I mean, this drama goes through some pretty bizarre twists and turns. Besides, this drama has two seasons. It is never a good idea. I watched Emergency Pyar, and they could not maintain the contniuity of the two seasons.  All I’m saying is, I have my apprehensions about this dizi.

But then, last week, I saw a few Urdu dubbed episodes of the drama, and I thought–why not?

Alright, with the basics established, let get to know the cast and characters.

Dastak Mere Dil Pe Episode 46 Written Review & Update

Assalam-o-Alaikum readers,

In the latest episode of “Dastak Mere Dil Pe”, we meet Efe, the man who bought Selin’s shares. He’s cordial and warm, everything Serkan is not. And this works in his favour. I almost couldn’t recognize Ali Ersan Duru (Dr Mehmet in Sahane Demat) in long hair. But he is charming.  We see Erdem and Leyla both being smitten by the new partner Efe. The way they both try to impress him is hilarious, and it provided much-needed comic relief in the episode.

However, the main plot of the episode was driven by jealousy, and I must say I’m not a fan of that. The conflict between Eda and Serkan revolved around jealousy, and it was disappointing to see that this is what their relationship was reduced to. First, Eda felt jealous of Selin as Serkan could not stay away from the said woman. and Serkan was upset when Efe was sweet and kind to Eda. Efe was not trying to hit on Eda or anything. It is just mutual admiration. Efe is Italy’s #1 landscape architect, and Eda is obviously a fan. Earlier, I used to enjoy Serkan’s jealousy, but in this episode, it was grossly misplaced.

The series has been doing well in terms of portraying a strong and independent female characters in Eda, and I hope they continue to show us romance without falling into typical romantic tropes. You know what I mean?

On a side note, Ceren and Ferit are so nice to each other. I’m sure Ferit will fall for Ceren before Ceren does. Also, Piril talks to Selin almost tells about her and Engin. Where is Engin, by the way?

The episode had its moments of laughter, but the reliance on jealousy as a plot device was a letdown. Let’s hope the next episode brings something new to the table.


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