Emergency Love | Episode 111


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Zeynep has a roommate agreement, much like Sheldon’s – get up early, sleep early, and whatnot.

Sonia is now upset with Uzair and her partiality seeps into her profession too as she dismisses Zeynep’s diagnosis.

Ali gets serious and Seema brings her to hospital. Will everyone know the truth about Sinan now? Nisan meets Seema and Ali. The unsuspecting bride-to-be praises Ali. Later, Seema tells Sinan to inform Nisan about them.

Mahek has become a confidant for Amena and Amena keeps calling her Dahek. Hehe. You will get the joke if you understand Hindi / Urdu. They bond over tea and Amena recognizes Sinan again as the man who meets Seema. Can we just get that mystery out of the way, already? The first half of this drama was a stupid mystery about Nisan. That was resolved abruptly and now this shit about Sinan. Boring…

Shabana Mukhtar