Emergency Love | Episode 132 | Finale Episode



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I ended the review of previous episode with one question: why are Sonia and Mahek going to these lengths to stop Sinan from marrying Nisan?

Sinan has the same question. They had no reason except for extending the plot unnecessarily. They apologize to Sinan but is that enough? I guess not.

Uzair also decides to tell Zeynep everything. Zeynep is upset at first and later forgives him but not before we see a two minutes long flashback.

Mahek tells Nisan everything and Abidin takes her to Sinan. The recurring cast is all present for their reunion scene. I like that.

And just like that, the series ended.

I don’t understand. The Turkish series are long but they always end abruptly without giving enough closure. I notice that for all the series I have watched and I am planning for summarize my observations in a post. A mental note to write a post and signing off.

Shabana Mukhtar