Emergency Love | Episode 66

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Abidin is out in Nisan’s car heading to the farm house. Slow, steady and steadily ranting. Kitna bolta hai.

Berzan has a tiring day and he decides to yield his position as chief. Bhai waah!
At the farm house, Nisan is drooling over Sinan, who, for some reason, is chopping woods. Lakarhara scene from Yeh Dil Mera comes to mind. Ahad Raza Mir was going the same. Copy cat?

A very nice dinner and some fun later, he gifts her a dress. Just how many surprises has he planned?

It is the same red dress she wore in the dance competition. She slips it and Sinan knows that she has remembered everything. He has known since they were at the petrol pump. Dude is sharp!


So, they get comfy and dance. They both confesses how they feel for each other. As they begin dancing, the goon man arrives there. Dayum!

He is about to shoot her, for supposedly avenging something Nisan has done to him. The dry leaves makes noise and he has to escape. Sinan also knows him, how?

Our hero boldly and stupidly goes after the noise, leaving Nisan alone. Who does that?

Too many questions, must watch the next episode immediately.


Now that I have cleared the backlog and waiting for six episodes to complete one Turkish episode is going to take time. Therefore, I am going to review individual Urdu episodes now on. Happy?

Shabana Mukhtar


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