Emergency Love | Episode 69

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Nisan talks to an unconscious patient, about her fears of the unnamed goon man and the she leaves, the goon man comes out from hiding. Not surprised at all.

Berzan is upset at Ayla, and Sinan tells him that Ayla is always hyper when she’s stressed. And that things will be alright. Berzan understands and goes to talk to Ayla but finds the written complaint lying on the floor – the complaint that Ayla has already decide to withdraw. We all know it will cause unnecessary drama between them. Not entirely happy about these trivial and repetitive conflicts.

Zeynep is upset about refusing Haseeb’s proposal and breaking Salaar’s heart. Nisan, the self-appointed Cupid is set to take care of her. The two girls talk, Nisan tells Zeynep to go for Salaar instead as Sinan watches the entire meddling.

He decides to complete the task, that is, bring Salaar to meet Zeynep. But again, as you would have expected, the goon man follows Sinan.

Shabana Mukhtar