Emergency Love | Episode 70

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Goon man’s car is following Sinan’s bike. But nothing happens because just when they are about to attack, Sinan turns. The goon man fears that Sinan will recognize him. So, they run away.

Sinan meets Salaar, gives a pep talk and Salaar accompanies him to the hospital. Back at the hospital, Nisan is treating Zeynep and Haseeb is ranting as usual. Haseeb leaves, Salaar proposes to Zeynep as Sinan and Nisan enjoy their victory. All is well that ends well.

Ayla arrives at the cafeteria where the staff has arranged a surprise party for her. Berzan isn’t there, so Ayla is pissed off, obviously.

She calls Berzan who is venting his anger on a punching bag. He doesn’t pick up her call. Sinan and Nisan flirt but not for long. The rest of the staff is also upset because Ayla is upset. I can’t decide if I should sympathize with her or be angry at her.

At home, Ayla is still brooding so Nisan calls Berzan home. Nisan and Sinan make pasta, because Nisan is perpetually hungry.

Berzan and Ayla resolve their differences. This conflict resolved too quickly. Don’t you think? And the goon man is still a mystery.

Let’s see if next episode tells us more.

Shabana Mukhtar