Emergency Love | Episode 72

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This episode begins as Abidin innocently tells Sinan that he was only playing along with Nisan to make Sinan jealous. Sinan isn’t upset as Nisan expected. The scene ends as Nisan runs after Abidin for ruining her car.
Abidin funnily defends himself yet again. But Sinan doesn’t let him sleep at Nisan’s place. I repeat, Abidin is the best character in this series.
The girls gossip and Nisan tells Ayla every little detail. If it wasn’t enough, we see a montage of all the near kiss moments between Nisan and Sinan. That portion could be a nice standalone clip on YouTube.

Abidin breaks the DVD shelf early in the morning, irking Sinan again. But later, he compliments his looks.

They arrive at the hospital and a nurse tells Nisan about a visitor. Guess who that guest is? The goon man.

Dayum! It ends there.

Shabana Mukhtar