Emergency Love | Episode 78

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This episode begins on fun note as with my favourite character – Abidin. An officer from health ministry. He offers bribe and the officer doubles the penalty.

Omar, one of the patients has lied to his girlfriend about being a doctor. Sinan takes this as an opportunity to remind Nisan that she should share whatever is bothering her. Nisan doesn’t relent.

Later, she tells him that she wasn’t to share something with him. They plan to go out for dinner and guess who overhears this? Kinan. That man is always around.

Chief Ayla is perpetually obsessed and jealous of her friend who is full time flirting with Berzan. One can sense that this could be Berzan’s ploy to tease Ayla.

Melik takes Yildiz for bridal dress shopping. All the dresses are oversized and the shop owner gives her a dress from kids’ section.

Shabana Mukhtar