Emergency Love | Episode 81

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Ansuman teases Melik that he’s losing weight. Yildiz gets upset when Melik tells her that he plans to stay with his mother even after marriage. Yildiz fakes to be sick and is hospitalized.

Abidin calls Berzan so he can join Nisan and Sinan. He doesn’t get the complete address so he starts visiting every shop in the Baghdad Street. He rants about Sinan’s arrogant behaviour and is kicked out.

Nisan selects a ring which costs 10000 bucks whereas Berzan’s budget is 5000. Sinan loses it, and takes matters in his hands. Nisan doesn’t like the budget rings. Would Sinan buy the 10K bucks ring for her, for future? He must because Nisan tries the expensive ring.

Might as well propose to her.

Shabana Mukhtar

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