Emergency Love | Episode 89


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Sinan takes the toughest step to woo Nisan – he seeks help from Abidin. Shall we assume this is heading for another disaster? Sinan looks cute in that red shirt.

As first step of his plan, Abidin flirts with all the nurses. He then choreographs a dance.
Remember goon man Kinan? He is being taken to the prison when his aides attack the van, kill the police officers and take Kinan back. He is now packing a bag with everything that can be used to kill someone. Nisan, watch out, sistah!

Sinan hates the performance that Abidin has prepared for; Nisan doesn’t attend the event and Sinan loses his temper. Nisan declares that everything is over. Ayla says the same to Berzan.

Is it? Is it eally over? This drama is stretching unnecessarily. Ain’t happy!

Shabana Mukhtar