İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 17

Let’s review İlişki Durumu: Karışık – Bolum 17 (Relationship Status: Complicated).

For the cast and characters and reviews of previous episodes, read here. Let’s get started.

This episode roughly translates to part of episode 42 and continues to first half of episode 45 of Urdu dubbed Main Ayeshagul.


(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 42)

Madiha and Ismail are on their way to see Can and the car breaks down. That scene only adds to the hilarity of this episode.

Aysegul also comes to see him. She claims to take care of him only because he had done the same when she was unwell. That’s not true. Is it? They both feel for each other. The damn ego.

Not surprisingly, Elif also comes with the doctor. To avoid the clash between the two women, Can locks Aysegul in the out-house.

Aysegul isn’t tame, so she starts the tractor to get out of the locked house. The tractor breaks the wooden door and she escapes but cannot seem to stop the tractor. Can freaks out, and Elif in turn turns blue with envy. Sigh!

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 43)

Maliha keeps praising Elif and Ismail keeps refusing. She then dreams about the perfect life Can and Elif will lead, with two perfect over-achieving kids; whereas Aysegul is a maid, just like Nadiya.

Can bribes Aysegul with a sumptuous breakfast. Aysegul can’t resist the temptation – Can or the breakfast. Can goes overboard while defending his acts and she cools him down using a fire extinguisher. Hilarious!

Ece is upset, suspecting that Efe is cheating on her with Handan. She follows him and finds Can and Efe planning how to lure Aysegul. When she knocks the door, Can is wearing a bathrobe and Efe is changing. It doesn’t look good, I must admit.
The couple reconciles and Efe and Can set out to execute their plan. Can imagines himself avenging Murat. Nice retro looks and funny imagination…

So, the plan is that three kids will tease Aysegul and Can will beat the kids. Aysegul is on her way to office and the plan might just work. Murat is also on his way to meet her.

Did Efe really think Aysegul would need help for handling a bunch of boys?

Nope, she beats them and Murat arrives just in time. Aysegul leaves with him while Can and Efe simply watch. Haha!

Ismail and Maliha fight over a ring, an heirloom, nothing less – Maliha wants to give it to Elif and Ismail wants to give it Aysegul.

Maliha meets Elif and Aysegul is setting the table for Ismail. Can and Efe come with their next plan.

The episode ends as a masked man comes at Aysegul’s house.

Will she know the men behind those masks?

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 44)

Efe and Can kidnap her and take her with them. Ismail arrives shortly after. Their cars cross on the road and is suspicious of them.

He calls the police and Can. Ece calls Murat. The press is also alerted. Ismail announces 5 lakh rupees prize for whoever bring Aysegul home.

Two notorious men watch the news and ready to join the fun. Ece calls Efe, and Efe has no option except telling her everything. Now, Murat and Ece are also on their way.

This ain’t going well for Can.

Aysegul escapes, and Can and Efe begin searching for her.

Will Aysegul run into those goons? Or will Murat arrive just in time, as always?

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 45)

Elif and Madiha are in the hospital. Elif asks if the tests would confirm pregnancy, hinting about… Ahem. But the doctor disappoints them. Since when does blood test confirm pregnancy? Wasn’t it urine test?

Aysegul and Ece are seen setting a table. When and how did Aysegul return? What the hell is going on?

Apparently, Can has asked her to meet and she decides to spend the evening with Ece and Murat. Later, she realizes

So, off she goes. The goons kidnap her, demand five lakh rupees. Can crazily call one person after the other for cash. Who shows up? Murat. Both men love her, huh?

Can step out, despite Murat’s warning. The goons aren’t happy about half the amount so they don’t release her. Can gets shot. Instead of catching the goons, Murat calls ambulance.



With each episode, this drama is getting more interesting. Now that Aysegul and Can are divorced, I wonder how they will get back together.

Shabana Mukhtar