İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 20

Let’s review İlişki Durumu: Karışık – Bolum 20 (Relationship Status: Complicated).

For the cast and characters and reviews of previous episodes, read here. Let’s get started.

This episode roughly translates episode to 50-53 of Urdu dubbed Main Ayeshagul.


(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 50)

Ece doesn’t want to stay at the hotel so the three of them leave in Can’s car. Efe drives rashly and bam!

Yep, we all saw it coming. Efe and Ece repeatedly talking about “if something happens to us…” and the way Efe drove… RIP Efe and Ece…

Can and Aysegul find out that Ece and Efe have nominated them as legal guardians. Aysegul flips out. She doesn’t want the responsibility.

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 51)

Aysegul and Can both recall their conversation with Ece and Efe respectively and imagine themselves dealing with hyper-annoying kids. Can visits the hospital to see the newborn baby, as does Aysegul. Without much talk, they take up the responsibility. They bicker like kids, though. They forget the baby in the car, then they forget the house keys inside the house.

Elif is tired of Mediha’s tantrums and her nonstop chat about the pregnancy. Mediha contacts one of her acquaintance who was once a medical student. She offers him to act like a doctor. This woman is cunning.

Handan is now being contacted for Aysegul so she decides to represent Aysegul. Opportunistic and rightly so.

Can and Aysegul are out to meet Ece and Efe’s relatives. Murat and Elif are upset about their incidental togetherness and they finally form an alliance to separate Can and Aysegul. Ewww!

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 52)

Ece and Efe’s relatives are hopeless and the baby cannot be left to them.

Elif begins the drama of her fake pregnancy. Can is not loving, but definitely caring to her. Aysegul looks after the baby the whole night, alone, awake and tired. Poor girl! She recalls her own time as an orphan kid. Murat comes, the one person who is always present when Aysegul needs him. Incidentally, the baby also quiets down with him. Interesting! Is Murat good with kids or this is just a one time thing? I don’t know.

That’s not all. He has brought a LOT of gifts for the baby. How thoughtful!

Handan meets Aysegul and offers her the job. Aysegul still has the biggest task at hand – finding someone to take baby’s responsibility.

(Main Ayeshagul Urdu Episode 53)

The episode ends as Can and Aysegul are back in the same house for the baby. A strange lady arrives at their door.

Shabana Mukhtar