İlişki Durumu: Karışık | Episode 3

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Plot Summary & Review

Can teaches Aysegul to ride a bicycle but Elif interrupts their cute moments together. Can doesn’t want to talk to Elif but she’s after him. We can see that Can also wants her but…

Aysegul gets a call from publisher, making her jump in excitement. I can understand her happiness. A wannabe writer getting a call from a publisher is a dream come true. Isn’t it?

The publisher is not interested in her novel, but her real life story. Dayam!

Once she returns, Can teases her for a failed meeting and refuses to give her the keys. Aysegul tries to get through the kitchen window and finds the ring that he had bought for Elif and thrown away. She hides the ring, enraging Can who packs her bag and kicks her out of his house. She goes to Efe’s house. Is her life peaceful now? No… First, Efe tries to talk to Can so the two can reconcile but Can doesn’t listen to him.

It doesn’t stop there. She gets a call from some journalist. Already irritated, she announces that her marriage with Can is over.

The news goes viral. Mediha is happy. Ismail is not. He wants to find out the truth.

Elif is lusting after Can, too. Jealous much!

Our hero doesn’t realize it but he misses Aysegul. He doesn’t get to miss her much because Mediha comes unannounced.

As Candan planned, Aysegul brings lunch for everyone. Candan has arranged another press conference to announce all is well between the newly weds. They are forced to feed each other, making another hilarious scene as they stuff food into each other’s mouth.

Later, Candan explains her that Can’s career depends on their married life. She also tells her that Can gave her her script to read. Awnnn!

For betterment of their fake marriage, Can leaves with Aysegul, disappointing Elif who has plans to go out for lunch with him. Howzzat?

Aysegul is back to her house and doing everything at house. They are back to being their bickering selves.

It is her birthday and Aysegul has plans to go to Funland Park. But she changes her plan when Murat calls her to discuss her novel. Murat offers Ayesha to write one story every week.

Unaware about the change in her plans, Can goes after her in disguise but the public recongnizes him.

Murat takes her out for dinner, on goodwill and she falls down, breaking her arm. Bravo girl!

Can is upset that she isn’t home yet. The fact that she has come back with Murat irks him more. So, he orders her to cook for him. That cruel handsome man!

Then, she finds out that Can was at the Funland Park. Now, she has a way to get back at him. She wears the same monkey mask and scares him. Their conversation grows intense as he demands her for all the reasons.

To celebrate the last few hours of her birthday, they go to Funland Park and Can bribes the watchman for late night entry.

When he finds out that Aysegul has got job offer from Murat, he gets upset and they get into silly toy car fight.

But Aysegul tells him about her mother, her stories and her parents accident. It makes him emotional and we can see he feels for her.

The next morning, he disappears before she wakes up, but he brings a very stylish notebook for her so she can write stories again. He cares of her. These tiny moments are the beauty of this romantic comedy. I love this drama.

She opens the door excitedly when the doorbell rings and is shocked to see Ismail at the door. He orders her to move in with them. Woohoo!

Happy watching!

Shabana Mukhtar