Ishqiya | Episode 26

So, Alishba has ignited a fire and Rumi stares at Hamna for the rest of the function. Later, at home, Azeem is all worried of how he would face Rumi. Huh? Why is he worried. Rumi’s husband and sister should be worried, no?

Despite everything that has happened, Rumi does not fight with Hamza. Unbelievable! She fought with her own father so many times for the smallest things. This quiet is quite unreal. See what I did there?

Check out the Cast and Characters before you read the review. It won’t make much sense otherwise. And, you can read previous episodes’ reviews here.

A melodrama ensues and Rumi overreacts, talks rubbish with Hamna and slaps Hamza. Then, we see Ramsha Khan crying, horrible acting by the way.

Rumi leaves Hamza’s house, Hamza blames it on Hamna, and Azeem defends both Hamna and Rumi.

Hamza doesn’t tell his parents the truth. Now, you understand what it feels like to hide something, don’t you Mr Hamza? Mrs Siddiqui does not know anything so she’s upset with Rumi who has locked herself in a room and only steps out to eat – because baby ka khayal rakhna hai.

Hamna finally tells Rumi everything, why she hid the truth. Rumi, the ever-so-loyal sister storms out so Hamza also feels the brunt. Bhai waah!

Ab bas karo, enough of this drama!

Shabana Mukhtar