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Before We Begin

Runaway Brides is a 2014 Turkish drama that I stmbled upon in last week of January 2023. This isn’t much of a review but more of a recap and my thoughts on each episode.

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The Intro

Three brides (in various stages of marriage) run away and reach the airport causing havoc. Sebnem, Kainat and Almilla. They are all following someone to Istanbul.
  • Arda runs from his nikaah to Sebnem. And Sebnem is following him.
  • Kaynat is after her theater class guy Ege (who is with an older woman, by the way)
  • and Almilla is just in love with a guy in her head-Akif.
Almilla ‘s the craziest of the lot while Sebnem is most resourceful. 
So, after the three brides are caught by the airport authorities, they get to talking and know each other. Seniha Sultan is Sebnem’s hotshot aunt who gets these brides tickets and keys to her mansion in Istanbul. 
I notice that the brides’ first names’ Almilla, Sebnem and Kainat abbeviates to ASK–turkish word for love. Was that intentional? I think I am a genius to figure this out.
Many funny/random things happen on the way to Istanbul. Almilla falls into the arms of a handsome stranger twice, while Kaynat yells at the photographer. A passenger gets into the cab that Sebnem called. So, we not only meet the heroines, but their love interests are also introduced. 
Kaynat’s butcher fiance is working in his shop chopping meat angrily almost as if it’s Kainat under his butcher-knife.

The Inciting Incident

1. So, now the three girls are at a nice mansion. They drink and get wasted and bond over the drink. 
2. Memo the kid who delivers food is trying to get a scoop of this story of the three brides. 
3. Both Kainat and Almilla set about exploring the city. Tourist moments. 
4. Kainat runs into the photographer and witnesses a public proposal. They dance together. Later, she runs into Ege and leaves Can behind. Ege is out for a shoot and the director hires Kainat as a wedding outfits model. 
Kainat also auditions. 
5. Almilla runs into the same guy from the airport. He introduces himself as Akif. Later, she gets sick, allergy of some kind, and her lips get swollen, not a pretty look. 
6. Sebnem meets Arda and his friend Selim (the same guy who got the cab). I like how Sebnem holds out her hand expecting the guys to lend their hand for support. Talk about priviledge. Nice scene as Selim and Sebnem bicker with each other. Our fiesty heroine doesn’t back down. She declares war. Later, she watches Arda from a distance.
7. The coffee shop owner Mufit brings heat he wants because he knows what his customers need. Awesome! 
8. Finally Can tells them to come for am interview and shut up the world. On a condition: be dressed as brides. 
9. “No way”! Kainat says.
10. The scene cuts to them in the studio earing their bridal outfits.
11. The interview was horrible, the host was determined to insult these brides. Even though Sebnem is on fire, things spiral down. 
12. Sebnem gets her cards cancelled by her parents, Husnu breaks up with Almilla on a call and Kaynats mother disowns her.
13. And, Kadir Kasap threatens Kainat. The worst has happened.
And this is the perfect way to end the episode. I’m still hooked, so stay tuned for the next episode.


I just needed something crazy because I was under a lot of stress the night I watched this episode. This is like guilty-pleasure. I know that the internet is filled with hate comments about this drama and how abrupt/unjust the end was, but I don’t think I will survive till the end. There are few Turkish series that I finish. So… 
Off to a good start, that’s all I am saying.


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