Main Ayeshagul | Episode 51


Turkish title: İlişki Durumu: Karışık

English title: Relationship Status: Complicated

Urdu title: Main Ayeshagul

For the cast and characters and reviews of previous episodes, read here. Let’s get started.

Aysegul and Can both recall their conversation with Ece and Efe respectively and imagine themselves dealing with hyper-annoying kids. Can visits the hospital to see the newborn baby, as does Aysegul. Without much talk, they take up the responsibility. They bicker like kids, though. They forget the baby in the car, then they forget the house keys inside the house.

Elif is tired of Mediha’s tantrums and her nonstop chat about the pregnancy. Mediha contacts one of her acquaintance who was once a medical student. She offers him to act like a doctor. This woman is cunning.

Handan is now being contacted for Aysegul so she decides to represent Aysegul. Opportunistic and rightly so.

Can and Aysegul are out to meet Ece and Efe’s relatives. Murat and Elif are upset about their incidental togetherness and they finally form an alliance to separate Can and Aysegul. Ewww!

Shabana Mukhtar