Main Ayeshagul | Episode 55


Handan is losing her mind because she cannot let Aysegul know the real deal and still make her accept the channel’s offer. She fires one of her assistants, just like that. Handan is tough!

She then calls Aysegul and gives her a pep talk. Excited, she accepts the offer.

Aysegul asks Murat out to make Can jealous.

Mediha and Ismail visit at Aysegul’s place and the ringing doorbell. Aysegul’s reaction is so hilarious. Mediha and Aysegul bond over men’s philandering ways. Aysegul is the guru and Mediha is the student.

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Can confronts Elif about her several interviews and doesn’t pick up her calls so Elif gives another call to his fake doctor Neyazi. Oh, no! Long story short she emotionally blackmails him to propose to her. Yes, Can would marry her but the “get down on a knee and propose me” deal.

Emine comes to see Issu again but she knows nothing about raising a kid. Will Emine get into the legal battle? Let’s wait and watch.

Shabana Mukhtar