Main Ayeshagul | Episode 79


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So, Murat is bedridden and Aysegul is looking after him. Both take turns apologizing. So, boring. Bahar-e-Gul, young Ismail’s nanny leaves her at the hospital and takes the baby home.

Mediha is meeting her new would-be in-laws. Neyazi’s mother is clearly upset. So is Can. He doesn’t want Mediha to remarry. Pregnant Elif is simply sitting next to him.

Mediha is fed up. She tells Neyazi that she would marry him only after five years. Elif is bickering, taunting Can that he didn’t even propose to her properly.

Ismail later talks to Nadiya, whatever is bothering her. Ismail offers her money. He is a generous man. Incidentally, Bahar-e-Gul is Nadiya’s niece. Bahar-e-Gul is ecstatic and decides to tell Aysegul the truth about Elif’s fake pregnancy.

Ah, finally, she knows. She tries to find out about Elif’s gynaecologist. Of course, there is no such doctor at the hospital.

Elif is tired of the game, and Can is suspicious about Elif’s insistence on keeping the same doctor.

Handan is alone and losing her mind as she’s almost out of work.

Murat lies that doctors want him in good company, so Aysegul invites him to stay with her. Can is jealous when he finds out, but can he do anything? Nope.

So much is happening and yet it is far from over.

Shabana Mukhtar