Mann Aangan | Episode 14

Mann Aangan is a unique story of a house where the eldest and the only son-in-law is running the household. The younger two sisters and his mother-in-law are so dependent on him that he even decides where they’ll be studying and where not.

Writer: Nadia Ahmed
Director: Hisham Syed & Salman Sirhindi

Mann Aangan Episode 14 Written Update & Review

Mahi and Faraz have a tiff in this episode. Saqlain comes to meet Mahi at office. Outside her office, the two nuisance employees and Faraz are fighting. When Mahi interferes, Faraz snaps at Mahi as well. Mahi has no way except complaining to her boss. Her marital status also comes under scrutiny.

Long story short, Saqlain has seen the crazy side of Faraz, and now he kinda approves their alliance, should they ever seek one.

We also see Ashir in this episode as he reminds Mahi of her divorcee status.


Assalam-o-Alaikum everyone,

I recently watched the 14th episode of “Mann Aangan,” and while it had its moments, it left me feeling a bit disappointed. The episode did not do much in terms of plot progress, and while the performances were good, the story seemed to be dragging on.

However, there were some bright spots in the episode that I appreciated. Mahi’s conversation with her bosses about her being a divorcee was refreshing to see. It was empowering to see her stand up for herself and refuse to be ashamed of her past. Her bosses’ reactions were also realistic and showed how society still stigmatizes divorcees, but Mahi’s confidence and self-respect were inspiring.

Despite the lack of plot progress, the episode did a good job of exploring the characters’ emotions and motivations. Mahi’s struggle to balance her personal and professional life was relatable, and it was interesting to see how she navigated the challenges of being a working mother.

Overall, while the episode was not the strongest in terms of plot, it had its moments of emotional depth and character development. I hope that the story picks up in the next few episodes and that we see some more significant plot progress.

Thank you for reading my review, and I look forward to seeing how “Mann Aangan” continues to unfold.

Khuda Hafiz!


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Shabana Mukhtar