Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 2

First up, check the cast and characters because I don’t include character profile while reviewing. Also read previous episodes review here, and hurry back.

Doruk is typical younger brother who teases Murat by calling Didem to the bar. Didem then follows him to his house.

The girls meets and discuss if she should meet Suna and clear out the misunderstanding. Asli suggests to tell the truth and Ipek suggests to go ahead with lie – stealing identity, really? The girls then spend stupid amount of time to select an outfit for Hayat. Hayat meets Necat but he doesn’t really knows Suna by face so things go well. The problem is when she meets Murat. That smug smile and that shocked expression, priceless.

I have seen several romantic comedies but this is the most adorable and most good looking couple I have seen on screen. Made for each other. I was heartbroken to know they aren’t real life couple.

Cannot get enough of them.

Shabana Mukhtar