Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 37

Ipek confronts her father and Kerem is by her side. Her father is pretty awful!

Murat is being obnoxious to Hayat while the team prepares for their upcoming project. But Murat isn’t as dumb. Doruk and him plan a new game to uncover truth.

Ibrahim is quite a philosopher. He suggests that Hayat to go with the flow. Hayat is trying hard that Murat confesses his feelings and Murat vows to hide his feelings at all cost. How childish! Is this a game or real life?

That scene when he criticizes her coffee is so funny. Murat tries to corner her but Hayat holds her ground rather well.

Murat is quite friendly with Ibrahim. I am pretty sure he knows. So? Tuval asks her to up her game. Hayat and Murat look adorable but their games are going for way too long.

Shabana Mukhtar