Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan | Episode 99

Emre comes to talk to Derya and orya overhears their conversation.

Cemil lies that Hayat is pregnant and Emine starts treating Hayat with extra care. Tuval buys some stuff for orphan kids and Cemil plans that marrying Tuval would solve his problems.

Asli gets Doruk’s hair sample so they can run DNA test.

He also managed to uplift Murat’s mood. Emre almost tells Murat about the DNA report but Hayat agrees to meet Emre, with Asli and Doruk as backup. Guess who follows them? Murat.

He plants doubts in Murat’s head: your father doesn’t love you enough, he has a secret, that’s why he sold the shares.

Murat yells at hayat again and recalls every moment he fought with her. And yet, he argues with Azime, Derya and Doruk over dinner. Derya tells that azime and necat knew about Leyla.

Shabana Mukhtar