Runaway Brides | Episode 4

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Runaway Brides is a 2014 Turkish drama that I stmbled upon in last week of January 2023. This isn’t much of a review but more of a recap and my thoughts on each episode.

Runaway Brides Episode 4 Written Review & Update

Kaynat gets a parcel from her sister Gunes who sent her belongings other were destroyed by her father. Ouch. Nice friendly moment. Seniha doesn’t changes her mind but she asks Memo and izafet to spy on the girls.
Ege and Kaynat back to work. Can is the photographer. She pretty. 
Sebnem to the boat again but Arda isn’t there. As usual, Selim and Sebnem bicker. I want to see more of this couple.
Kaynat lives with Ege but Almilla has nowhere to go. Sebnem advocates for Almilla in front of Seniha and then both are kicked out. Haha. They go to Mufit.
Mufit and Seniha have some history. We see them going out for a late night date/meeting. Philosophical talk!
Kaynat and Ege are about to kiss remembering their high school time. Kainat spills coffee, and then they are interrupted by Neriman. Kainat takes off. So does Ege.
As Kainat walks out with tears in her eyes, she runs into Kadir. Haw! Will Kadir butcher Kainat? We don’t know.


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