Runaway Brides | Episode 5

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Runaway Brides is a 2014 Turkish drama that I stmbled upon in last week of January 2023. This isn’t much of a review but more of a recap and my thoughts on each episode.

Runaway Brides Episode 5 Written Review & Update

Kadir and Kaynat getting married, kaynat says yes to the marriage but Kadir says no. Why did he do that? No idea probably to humiliate Kaynat. But he claims that nobody will ever know.
Can’s boss is fooling him. He has lured Can to bring the runaway brides for the interview. All the work done but still the promised documentary work has not started… Now he wants more interviews with the bride’s. Can puts his foot down. He can live without his dream of directing a documentary. Enraged, the bossman demotes Can to being the “police reporter”.
The guy who claims to be Almilla’s sourlmate Akif is actally Ozgur. He’s only doing this to be with Almilla. When this comes out, it will be messy.
Ege and Kaynat meet the producer guy. Ege is kicked out of the project but Kaynat is onboard for the newer one. 
“Let’s meet for dinner and finalize things,” the producer guy says.
That’s fishy.
Sebnem parents don’t want to help in Sebnem’s rebel ways in Istanbul. She challenges them to make it on her own for two months no help from family.
Kaynat is still mad at Can for getting her into the messy interview. She is avoiding Can. The way Can followed and  apologize to Kaynat, very sweet.
Sebnem lost her wallet and it’s with Selim now. Great! This is just what we needed–reasons for Sebnem to see more of Selim.


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