Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 39


Let’s review Tera Mera Pyar Episode 39. It’s oh-so-romantic.

You can read about the cast and characters here. For previous episodes’ reviews, read here.

Kerim and Ayse are heading to Ayse’s house and begin to quarrel without anybody watching.

Sabri and Ayse are communicating through phone and Qadar has high hopes that Sabri is getting over Ayse. But eventually finds out and decides to talk to Muhsin.
Nazmiye is still suspicious about Riza’s changed behaviour. Riza tells the truth in Ayse and Kerim’s presence.

Muhsin reprimands Samet and Hulya about their stealing but also appreciated that Samet spoke the truth.

Malahat calls Muhsin and the two elders decide to meddle up. The speech is nice but doesn’t work. Ayse and Kerim have their own issues. They cannot NOT fightz right?

Shabana Mukhtar

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