Tera Mera Pyar | Episode 47


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Kerim tricks Ayse by giving her the new wedding ring. He also forces her to wear the ring. “Keep wearing it lest you use it,” he says it.

Later, Ayse find the original ring under the carpet. She’d be mad, you’d think but no. She finds it cute and reminisces the highlights of their relationship. This is primarily for our benefit, to be honest; sort of like a recap of everything that has happened so far. Doesn’t hurt, though.

Samet and Kerim leave the house to “have a good time”. He runs into Abroo, on of his several affairs from the past. They head to Volkan’s place but our hero cannot cheat on his wife.  While leaving, Abroo says: “I am glad that you have found the one.” Epiphany!

To suppress his newfound feelings for her, he argues with Ayse unncessarily – sleep on bed, sleep on couch. Get a hold of your thoughts, and just tell her.

Shabana Mukhtar